Telegram continues to evolve into more than just a simple messaging app as with every update, new features are being added. This latest one in particular is chockfull of new goodies, including the ability to instantly view links that your contacts send in your conversations, a publishing tool trying to be at par with blogs, and even a feature that will let you experience your own Throwback Anyday. Plus the Android app gets a bit of some special TLC.

We often share a lot of links with friends we talk to on Telegram. But sometimes, clicking on the links brings you to a browser extension and will take forever to load. Instant View gives certain publishers like Medium and TechCrunch among others, the chance to show their articles on a native page, without load time, thus saving you time and data. It’s their version of Facebook’s Instant Articles. You also now get a publishing tool called Telegraph where you can create posts and include photos, markdowns, embedded videos, etc. And of course after publishing, you can share it on Telegram.


Since throwback and nostalgia are things of the present, you can also now take a trip down memory lane on Telegram. Just go to Search within a chat, choose a day in the Calendar tool, and voila, you’ll see your posts from that day a year or two (or more?) ago. If you also don’t remember the name of a group that you’re part of, you can just search for one of your contacts that you know is part of that, and you’ll see whatever group is there that you have in common.


Lastly, the Android app gets some special love after the iOS version got all the attention. You have a new, very pretty interface, improved security, faster camera speed for when taking pics and videos, better video compression, a subtler photo viewer, and easier ways to edit messages and add captions. You can update your Telegram app, or if you haven’t tried it out yet, now is a good time to do so.

SOURCE: Telegram