It’s time once again for the monthly Telegram feature drop and this time, users will get easier ways to look at shared media in your conversations. Admins and users will also have some more options when it comes to generating and sending join requests links for groups and channels. There are also some new features rolling out to iOS only but some will also be eventually rolling out to Android eventually. As always, a Telegram update is chockful of new things that users can enjoy in their one-on-one chats, groups, and channels.

Telegram users get unlimited cloud storage for the media that you exchange within the platform. Each of the chats also has a Shared Media page where you can see all the photos, videos, files, and music that have been shared by members. Now you’ll be able to scroll faster through them as it has a new date bar on the side of the page. Just drag it up or down if you need “hyper-speed scrolling”. You can also pinch to zoom in and out if you need to see the pictures better.

If you know the specific time or date that the media you’re looking for was shared, the new calendar interface will be more helpful. Each day sees previews of the media shared that day and all you have to do is tap the one on the date you’re looking at and you’ll see all the media from that time. You can also now filter the shared media if all you need to see are photos or videos or both. In case you didn’t know where shared media is, go to the header at the top of the screen of any chat, tap it, and scroll down.

When you create additional invite links for your chats in groups and channels, there’s now a Request Admin Approval setting so admins can approve or disapprove the join request. They can view the “applicant’s” profile pictures and bio to help them decide. Those additional invite links can also now be given “unique names” so they can be labeled properly. This will be helpful for those using the different options for invite links.

There are some iOS-specific features added like global chat themes, transit times for shared locations, and instant media captions. The last two will soon be coming to Android as well in future updates. And as always, you get more interactive emoji with this Telegram update, this time with a halloween theme. Update to the latest version to enjoy all these features on the messaging app.


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