If you’re enjoying using Telegram for both your private conversations and your group chats as well, the regular updates from the messaging app are always a source of delightful new features. Aside from end-to-end encryption, the app has become popular because of significant new additions every update. The latest one brings more interactive things like chat themes, emojis with fullscreen effects, detailed read receipts for small groups, and the ability to record live streams and video chats for watching later.

You now get the option to choose from eight chat themes (they’ll be adding more) so you can theme each of your personal conversations on the platform and lessen wrong sends if you remember which theme goes with which chat. Each theme has day and night versions and will follow the night mode setting that you set for the app. Each theme comes with gradient message bubbles, animated backgrounds, and unique background patterns.

Interactive emojis will hep you feel more connected to the person you’re chatting with, says Telegram. When you send a single emoji to your one-on-one conversations and you tap on the animated emoji, you’ll now get a fullscreen animated effect. If you and your chat partner have the chat open, you’ll be able to see the animations and vibrations simultaneously. You’ll only be able to see the effects if you’re using the latest version of the app.

In your small group chats, you’ll now be able to see which of the group members have read the message you sent. They are marked as read with the double check as soon as one member has seen it but if you tap on that, you can now see which ones actually have seen it. Read receipts are stored for 7 days after the message has been seen because as Telegram says, it’s not their business “to keep a record of everything you’ve seen.”

Lastly, admins of communities will now be able to record live streams and video chats so members who were not able to watch live can still access it later on. There are options to record video aand audio or audio only. After the recording, the file will be instantly uploaded to the Saved Messages section of the group. Update your Telegram to the latest version to see all of these new features.