Probably one of the more annoying things that happen to you when clicking on links sent through your messaging app is having to automatically leave the app to go to a browser. It becomes even worse when the website is not mobile friendly. If you’re using Telegram, their latest update seems to solve that problem as they now have Instant View to make reading those external links easier. They’re even introducing a platform to help make templates for websites for the Instant View. They’re giving away $200,000 worth of cash prizes to the best “rule makers”.

Instant View gives you a more readable format for those external links, even if the website itself is not mobile optimized. It will not just show you text but can also include images, videos, and other media. And since they are cached on Telegram’s servers, they will load instantly. Their parser bot uses templates to be able to generate them. That is why they’re also launching their Instant View Platform so that anyone who knows how to can generate templates for websites.

And in case you want to earn a little extra cash while doing it, Telegram will be launching a crowdsourcing competition for those who want to make templates for websites. The mechanics simply states that you choose a website from their list and create the perfect set of rules to parse the articles to Instant View. You get $100 for each website where you were the first to create the rules. The one who best describes the most contest domains with their templates will get $10,000 and the second gets $5,000.

The update also brings some Instant View settings, like you can choose to view articles in dark, gray or sepia, adjust font type and size, and you also get an Auto-Night theme if you want to help your eyes. Update your Telegram app to start reading through Instant View.

SOURCE: Telegram