Telegram always has something new to bring users with every update. And if you haven’t tried it yet until now, you should check out what are the newest things that come with the latest one (and also check out previous new features we’ve talked about). With the latest version, you’ll get a few minor new things like the auto-playing of videos and the option to auto-download other media. You also get a more customized default settings for data usage depending on the data affordability where you are currently situated in.

If you send and receive a lot of videos on your various chats on Telegram, you will now be able to see those videos start autoplaying on your screen. The good news is that it of course plays without sound as that would be too jarring. If you want to unmute it, just press on the volume buttons on your device.

You can also now manually set-up your auto downloads. While you have pre-sets for Mobile, Roaming, and Wi-Fi, you can also now set up which should auto download, either by chat type, media type, and file size. You will be able to see your current settings easily and adjust accordingly.

Telegram will also now adjust your default settings for data usage depending on your current country’s mobile data affordability situation. They will try to download less data for users where it is expensive and when users have limited data plans. But if you have a bigger one, then you won’t have to always tap the download arrow. They can also adjust based on your feedback and the cost of data where you are.

You can update your Telegram app to the latest version. And if you’re now convinced to try it out, download it for free from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Telegram