When you spend a lot of time on an app, you would want to make it as personal as possible and also make it look as pleasant as you can. For heavy users of messaging app Telegram, we’ve got good news for you. The latest update brings you a lot of chat background improvements, from being able to add effects, choosing any color as your background and adding patterns to it, to searching for the best background, and then sharing it with whomever you want to chat with.

Choosing chat backgrounds is serious business for some and so now you can even make it more personal. You can choose a photo from your camera gallery or search from the app’s collection or you can search the web for wallpapers. You can also now add some motion or blur effects, of course depending on whether or not your phone supports them too. You can edit them in the built-in photo editor on the Telegram app.

You can also just choose a solid color for your background. But if you want to add a little more pizzazz, you can also add patterns to it. Just tap on the pattern button after choosing a color and then choose from among the options. You can also adjust the intensity of the patterns so it won’t interfere with your chat but instead enhance it.

After you’ve chosen the perfect chat background, you can use it on all your other Telegram apps on other devices (if you have more than one of course). You can also share it to a contact in case you want them to use it on their apps too. You can also share your background through a link so the whole world can see it and maybe even adapt it or something.

Update your Telegram app to the latest version to enjoy these new things you can do on your chat backgrounds.

SOURCE: Telegram