Telegram rolls out regular updates to bring you new features and improvements over previous ones. But sometimes, they also try it out in beta first, just like any other app. Version 7.0.0 beta brings a pretty important feature that has long been missing from the messaging app: video calling. This means that maybe in just a few months, you’ll be able to finally use the app to make video calls with your friends and family members. Plus, the app is preparing the Bubble notifications for the upcoming Android 11. 

According to XDA Developers, video calling was spotted in version 7.0.0 in beta and it is already enabled by default. You can access it by tapping on the three dots menu icon on the upper right corner and you can access it from any chat within the app. But to be able to call your family member, friend, or colleague, both or all of you need to have the beta version installed on all your devices.

Telegram is already a pretty popular messaging app as it is, particularly because of the end-to-end encryption as well as a lot of features and stickers. But one thing that it was lacking was a video calling feature, unlike its competitors like WhatsApp, Google Duo, etc that are now leveraging on their video calling since people are staying at home or sheltering in place.

This latest beta version also indicates it will soon support the Bubble notifications when it comes out of Android 11. They were already previously testing out the bubbles in version 6.3.0 beta. You needed to enable the debug option but it didn’t really enable the native Bubbles. They have now fixed this issue as the latest beta now has the chat head bubbles working, although you still need to enable the debug option.

If you want to be able to explore these new features on your devices, you should download the beta version of course. No news yet as to when the stable version of the app will be rolling out to all Telegram users.


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