If you’re a big fan of the Telegram messaging app but wanted something that’s a bit faster and smoother, you might have come across a third-party client named Challegram. Well, the developers of Telegram saw something special in it too and so they have acquired the company and have now relaunched it into Telegram X. While it has the same basic features from the original app, it also has carried over some of the more “experimental” aspects of the alternative client.

Aside from the fact that it seems to be smoother and faster than the main app, Telegram X also has some experimental features that may or may not be eventually applied to Telegram. For example, you can long-press on conversations so you can get a pop-up preview in case you don’t want to open them yet. Or you can also configure the text size, for those who may have trouble reading the “normal” size. You also get night mode for when it’s sleepy time.

Challegram originally was based on the open TDLib program but it probably has something a little extra because other third-party clients also used that. The fact that it was acquired by Telegram itself is big for the developers (for good or bad, we don’t know yet) but time will tell if this will eventually become the main app, given it runs better and even has better-looking animation.

You can download Telegram X from the Google Play Store for free to check it out and maybe even replace the original app with this one.

VIA: Android Police