If you’ve watched the web-based social media circles over the last few years, even causally, odds are that you’ve come across the ubiquitous TED Talks at least once. The Technology, Entertainment and Design conferences host notable speakers from all walks of life to speak on topics they find important, and think others should too. While most of the content is available on YouTube or the TED website, the nonprofit organization has finally released an official Android app that allows users quick and easy access to a huge library of presentations.

Features include new videos posted daily (assuming that there’s new content to post) browsing and searching features and quick sharing via email, Twitter or Facebook. The library can be accessed even when offline, though video and audio are limited without a connection. Speaking of audio, you can listen to any of the talks without the video – a brilliant move for workouts or multitasking, since most of the presentations are pretty dry from a visual standpoint.

TED notes that the creation of the app was made possible by generous support from Sony, who was apparently tired of seeing them support Apple platforms exclusively. No worries, though – it’ll work on devices from all Android manufacturers. The app was released more than a week ago, but it’s already gotten three revisions, so it looks like they’re intent on supporting it well. TED is available now on the Google Play Store, and is compatible with phones and tablets running Android 2.1 or later.