The Internet and the Web has made the world a truly smaller place, with almost anyone and everyone able to go places just by typing in an web page address or clicking on a link. Almost ironically, however, some of those services are still limited by the geophysical boundaries of countries and governments, which leads to … Netflix not being available where you are, even if you’re actually a paying subscriber. With Getflix, however, you can access that and more, and without actually touching the rest of your Internet connection.

While VPNs promise the convenience of removing streaming restrictions when it comes to location, they have one fatal flaw. A VPN, by default, will route all your Internet connections. When you’re interested only in streaming, however, that might be overkill.

Enter Getflix, a VPN service with a special focus, that of making popular streaming services available to everyone around the world. It boasts of having unblocked over 100 such sources, offering a wide variety of content ranging from movies, TV series, sports, and whatever else interests you. And it doesn’t affect the rest of your Internet traffic to its VPN servers, allowing you to browse or play as normal.

From a regular $855 fee, you can grab a Getflix subscription at 91% off for only $69. That will last you 30 years of access to your favorite streaming services from anywhere in the world and on almost any platform.

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