When thinking about one of the best tech support tools out there, TeamViewer comes to mind. The sad thing about it was that it only worked PC to PC. What if you had to help someone on an Android device? Or on a Chromebook? Hey, what about if all you had in front of you was a Chrome browser and nothing much else? The guys and gals behind TeamViewer have tried to give us an early Christmas present with version 11 Beta.

Your mom wants you to fix her Android tablet that’s giving her fits, but you’re on a PC terminal and a hundred miles away? TeamViewer 11 Beta is now able to help you out here, because it’s starting to become a truly cross-platform support app. Also, the app is now fully supported on Chrome OS, which means you can now access your home PC when out on a business trip and all you brought was your lightweight Chromebook – apart from cross-platform support situations.


There are desperate times when all you have is an internet connection and a Chrome browser in front of you, but you still need to remotely access as system or a device to fix something. TeamViewer 11 has also put out a Chrome browser downloadable from the Chrome Web Store.

And if you think that your mom is going to be calling you up again because she forgot your instructions, fret not. Install the TeamViewer Android Host app and ask them to grant permission to you just once – so that you’ll perpetually be able to get access to their device and look at stuff that needs fixing.


SOURCE: TeamViewer