TCL Hybrid Foldable Smartphone Tablet

The LG Rollable Phone isn’t the only device with a rollable display we can look forward to. TCL has just introduced a concept that shows a double-folding design. It’s a smartphone that transforms into a sizeable tablet when unfolded or opened. We’re assuming this one uses the TCL Rollable Display that was announced earlier at the CES 2021. There is also a special device that slides and features a rollable screen coming from one side. These are only experiments and there are about three dozen samples in the works.

New images of a TCL-branded foldable rollable phone tablet have surfaced online. They give us an idea on the future look of the device if and when TCL decides to bring it to production.

The hybrid phone tablet in the image uses a rollable screen and the TCL DragonHinge. The two systems can possibly offer a bigger tablet experience for everyone. Compared to previous designs that are thick and chunky, this one seems thinner.

We really have no idea if and when TCL will turn these concepts into reality. We can only hope but then any OEM around the world needs to be smart especially these days. Rolling out a rollable phone sounds innovative and exciting but the question will always be about its marketability.

The TCL Foldable Rollable Hybrid Phone Tablet is a nice concept. It’s not the only one from TCL and we believe more will introduced. TCL is said to hold a big event some time in April 2021.

This TCL foldable rollable phone may be pricey, obviously. TCL only comes up with affordable Android phones. This rollable phone may be expensive but hopefully, TCL will not give it a price similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold which is $1,800. That is already lower compared to the $2,000 price tag of the original version. The TCL concept phone combines a rollable and foldable system so it may even be more expensive.

TCL Foldable Rollable Hybrid Phone Tablet

TCL is also said to be developing more similar phones this 2021. They could be more affordable with better specs and maybe more affordable. Let’s wait and see.


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