At this year’s Mobile World Congress, TCL is making a number of announcements. There are new wearables and new mobile devices for the whole family. A slew of new products have just been unveiled and we are interested on how every device will offer new benefits to the consumers. Let’s focus on wearables for now. TCL revealed the NXTWEAR G glasses and the MOVETIME Family Watch 2. From one of the pioneers in display technology, we can expect these new wearable devices to offer impressive mobile experiences.

The NXTWEAR G Wearable Display Glasses use dual Sony micro OLED screens. The pair offers plug-and-play functionality with a comfortable and stylish design. It can be an extension of your smartphone or tablet which you can when viewing videos whenever and wherever.

TCL NXTWEAR G is a pair of smart glasses that features a foldable frameless design. It features a reflective deep black exterior that looks timeless. You can store the pair in a capsule case. This doesn’t need charging because it is plug and play. This means it can be powered by your phone, tablet, or laptop.

When it comes to viewing, you can enjoy a 140-inch display with 16:9 aspect ratio. It can support 3D 4K content. Audio is delivered by some stereo speakers.

NXTWEAR G can work with over a hundred devices from most OEMs. It will be available in Australia this coming July. Other markets will follow.

TCL MOVETIME Family Watch 2

The TCL MOVETIME Family Watch 2 is for the whole family. Well, it’s mainly for the children but the whole family will find it useful. Parents are given peace of mind with the improved camera, location tracking, longer battery life, and a bigger screen.

The MOVETIME Family Watch 2 offers real-time location of the wearer. This means parents can keep track of their kids all the time. When a child goes out of the designated area, an alert is sent to the phones of the parents.

The smartwatch allows text messages, video chats, and 4G voice calls–as made possible by a nano SIM card. The kids can also call their parents with the one-touch SOS call button. For other tracking features, the smartwatch can also check how long the kids are spending time on a particular app.