The doors of IFA 2020 have opened but most of the exhibitors and visitors are not there. Most of the brands have turned to virtual presentations. In the next few days, expect big announcements from different tech companies with their latest and most innovative products. One of the companies splashing showing off new devices is TCL. It’s introducing new products from TVs to smart home devices to wearables and tablets. We’ll highlight a few mobile products today: the TCL 10 TAB MAX, TCL 10 TAB MID, TCL MOVEAUDIO S200, TCL MOVETIME Family Watch MT43A, and the TCL NEXTPAPER technology.

TCL NEXTPAPER is a new display technology that works with a reflective screen to repurpose the natural light available. The result is a “zero eye strain” for most larger screen surfaces. It’s like an e-paper with eye protection. TCL said that it is a product of two years of research, design, and eleven patents. It offers Full HD definition in full color. You won’t notice any blue light or flicker.

The display has received eye protection certifications from SGS laboratory, German VDE, and the German Rhine laboratory. It delivers higher contrast by 25% compared to traditional e-ink. Over a typical LCD, it is 36% thinner. When it comes to power and battery, this one is 65% more power-efficient.

The TCL 10 TABMAX and the TCL 10 TABMID are ideal for productivity and creativity. TCL recognizes the need for more powerful tools in this time of the pandemic. The new tablets are ready for “modern-day demands at a variety of price points” according to TCL Tablet Product Line’s General Manager Jefferson Li.

These are affordable tablets that run on MediaTek Helio P22T and Snapdragon 665 processor, respectively. The TCL 10 TabMid is smaller with an 8.0-inch screen with 1920 × 1200 resolution while the TCL 10 TabMax has a 10.36-inch Full HD+ display with Stylus pen support.

The TCL MOVETIME Family Watch is ideal for the seniors. It keeps them connected all the time with the family. It offers 4G connectivity, hands-free 2-way calling, heart rate monitoring, medication reminders, and automatic fall detection. This device allows the seniors some sort of independence but still give their loved ones peace of mind regarding their safety. This watch can tell if a wearer falls with automatic fall detection that sends alert to an emergency contact.

TCL has also introduced the MOVEAUDIO S200 true wireless headphones. The pair costs under €100 so it’s affordable for everyone. Most wireless headphones from top brands are expensive but TCL aims to bring the pair to more people. The wireless headphones promise enhanced audio experience, easy connectivity, and complete comfort.


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