TCL Google TVs 2021

TCL smart TVs are constant bestsellers. The brand is reliable when it comes to televisions. It can compete with Samsung and LG in many markets. Sadly, there is a recent issue that made TCL discontinue selling its Google TV lineup. Best Buy has also decided to pull out the TCL Google TVs from the shelves. It’s not clear when TCL TVs will sell again but the company needs to work on the issues first. There have been reports of problems on software and performance.

Software updates are said to be available soon. Once fixed, then maybe TCL will bring its full Google TV lineup on Best Buy. The problem is said to be on the Google TV platform and not the hardware. Hopefully, the issues are just minor.

The TCL Google TVs are only sold by Best Buy, at least, in the United States. Specifically, the TCL 5 and TCL 6 series of Google TVs were affected. Most software problems can be fixed so let’s see how soon TCL or Google will be able to release a fix.

Performance is said to be sluggish for some unit owners. It happens usually when the TV is first turned on. It’s not clear how many percentage of the users have been affected but it doesn’t seem to be an isolated case.

Here is a response from TCL: TCL is committed to delivering premium products with world-class experiences and the new product featuring Google TV is certainly no different. However, it has come to our attention that some are facing challenges with the stability of the user interface featured on TCL sets with Google TV. Our high-performance TVs are constantly evolving and recent software updates have allowed us to make significant progress, but we are continuing to refine our products featuring Google TV. Our customers will see marked improvements in the weeks to come and their patience is appreciated.

Do you own a TCL Google TV purchased from Best Buy? Have you experienced a problem or issue recently? Let us know.


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