There’s approximately a billion trillion tablets on the market now, or so it would seem, the vast majority of them running Android or some presto-change-o OS based on the Android kernel. What manufacturers will have to do if they plan on taking a piece of this pie at this point is one of two things: get a whole new most-powerful processor to become king OR make a unique tablet to carve out a niche. What the team at French NFC and Zigbee specialist TazTag has done is to integrate AuthenTec’s TCS2 TouchChip sensor into its TazPad Android tablet alongside fingerprint biometric security — a tablet with real business intentions.

The last time we saw this tablet it was back in February where we were to believe it was going to break cover at CeBIT. What we now are to understand is that the developers at TazTag are currently preparing to put the TazPad into volume production but that they’re waiting for investment funding to move forward with the project. On the other hand, they seem pretty confident that they’re going to get it.

We wanted to offer enhanced security capabilities with the TazPad, which is why we selected AuthenTec’s durable, high resolution TCS2 touch sensor for integration in this unique NFC-enabled Android tablet.” says Eric Fouchard, TazTag’s CEO.

“No other Android tablet combines fingerprint authentication with the NFC transaction capabilities of the TazPad. Whether a user is interested in convenient yet secure authentication for NFC, ZigBee or Wi-Fi transactions or linking a customer to a back-end system for authentication, the TazPad is a very capable platform for mobile identification. We look forward to supporting TazTag in a successful launch of this new NFC tablet,” notes AuthenTec’s Alan Kramer.

With talk of the inner workings of the tablet before it’s technically started mass production comes cash to continue. This tablet will feature a 7-inch color screen, multitouch, HDMI, camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and Zigbee. I don’t know about you, but even though all of this sounds good, I’d still have to be convinced with some more brand-backing or at least a full list of specs before I pick one of these up – or I recommend my multi-million-dollar business “Burns-co” to pick up a batch.

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