Tasker fans have another reason to rejoice. The process of making the handsets smatter has itself become a lot smarter for fans and users who love the automation app for Android. Introducing TaskerNet 2.0, which gives the TaskerNet – a designated domain for Tasker projects and tasks – a refreshing solution in form of a new domain. This domain is where all the tasks and projects marked public are visible to Tasker users to use.

TaskerNet for the uninformed is a defined location for users to store their Tasker tasks and project. It is a way to backup profiles online and then share the same with other users. With TaskerNet 2.0 now, one can by visiting taskernet.com access what has been publicly shared by users and import what they want.

Even via TaskerNet the users can share and import the profiles they want to run tasks on their phones, but with TaskerNet 2.0 this entire process will be more streamlines and shifted to a new domain where the projects can be shared privately and publicly.

This dedicated portal allows users to share projects either in the public domain or privately. So if your Tasker creation is available privately, it will just be available to you, whereas a public project will be available for others to see and access then required.

This will all build up under the watchful eyes of Jóao Dias. The brain behind the automation app of Android will be able to identify profiles in TaskerNet 2.0 which deserve his attention.