Tasker was updated only last month. It allowed quick remapping of Bixby. Before that, we learned the app was ineligible for some permissions after the Play Store update. It’s getting another round of updates that is said to handle volume key long presses even when the display is off. This is available sans any root. The updated app is still in beta phase but the new feature can be enjoyed on Tasker. Joaomgcd has recently listed some of his updated apps ready for beta tests and trials.

It was joaomgcd, Tasker owner and developer himself, who posted the good news over on Reddit. He shared that he made the improvement official after someone also figured out a way to handle long presses of the volume button. He developed his own and added to the app but only as a beta feature.

Making this change more special is the fact that volume buttons are great for quick actions. It allows automation, efficiency, and speed when you need to control some things. There may be limits though like skip songs on Spotify. This happens when you enable the option to Simulate Media Button and choose app directly from the app list.

The developer has listed the full changelog. Now available apart from the ‘Volume Long Press event’ is the ‘Notification Channel Info action’. This one brings all information about a running kid app or a certain notification channel for Tasker.

The updated app now handles crashed in certain situations in actions that output variables. Also included is the permission to install those packages in kid app but only if API is >= 26. With the update, it will stop showing the browse icon for notification category within Notify Action in Api< Oreo.

Watch the demo video below to get an idea:

Tasker 5.7.0-beta.14 also fixes the following as noted by the dev. They are as follows: Display Size action for Android 9 devices, Javascriptlet action not running, as well as, scenes automatically resizing in some situations. You can download Tasker directly from the Google Play Store but wait a bit for the latest version to go live. You can also check the developer’s instructions for Volume Key Long Press Handling Permission HERE.