Tasker and its plugins are the realm of popular developer João Dias – or commonly known by his developer handle “joaomgcd”. He’s out with a number of plugins for Tasker again, and it seems there is no end to what you can automate with this specific Android app. This time, he’s built a plugin that can control an Arduino minicomputer from the comfort of your Android device.

If you want to see what this new plugin can do, check out the video below. The video shows a fairly basic demo of the plugin being used. The user uses the plugin to light up LEDs in various colors on the Arduino. In principle, what the demo is telling us is that if you know how to program an Arduino, you could use the plugin for just about anything – from simple to more complex tasks.

To get it up and running on your device, you will need to download some code for your Arduino. Then download the AutoArduino Tasker plugin from the download link below. Pretty easy, right?

For now, joaomgcd says that it’s only possible to connect to an Arduino board through USB via an OTG cable. Later in the development though, joaomcgd is planning to add support for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi receivers. Check out the source link below for more details.

SOURCE: AutoArduino
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store