Tasker is one of those essential apps in the Android ecosystem that once you learn to use, you really can’t do without. Granted that the learning curve for the app is a bit steep, but learning how to use is to create a whole new work and leisure process around your Android devices is surely worth it. And as of today, Tasker is getting a big update that includes a bunch of new features.

For those of you who don’t know what Tasker does, the app allows you to automate tasks that you usually do with your Android device. Think of the way you usually turn on Bluetooth when you enter your car to play some music – you can automate that, allowing Tasker to turn on your Bluetooth when you enter your car, and turn it off when you exit. How about putting your phone on silent mode when you get to the office? Yep, automate that with Tasker. You get the idea, right?

This update brings 33 new features to Tasker, including some small tweaks that just makes the app better and better. Check out the full changelog here. The update also welcomes a lot of bug fixes that have been a source of irritation for users.

As a bonus, AutoVoice – one of the more popular plugins for Tasker – is also getting a big upgrade on the same day. The plug in now allows you to set up commands by piggybacking on Google Now’s voice-activated searches. So if you are ready to download, hit up the update via the Google Play Store at the source link. If you are new to Tasker, it is a paid app and will cost you around USD$4.00.

SOURCE: Google Play Store



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