While Tasker has been a pretty great app in terms of function, the same was not able to be said about the look and feel. Simply put, Tasker is powerful, but not all that pretty to look at. That being said, while the Google Play Store version will still maintain the same look and feel, there is a new version in the works. And for those who are curious, the updated version of Tasker can be downloaded in beta form.

Of course, that means visiting the Tasker beta site, downloading and then sideloading the APK file. Assuming you are good with that, you can grab Tasker v4.0b4 (for Android 4.0 or later) by visiting this link. The app itself retains the same functionality as you have likely come to expect from using Tasker. That is to say, you can use Tasker to take control over your smartphone.

This app allows for automated processes, such as being able to turn services on and off automatically. One example is being able to turn your Wi-Fi off when you leave home and have it turn back on when you return. The app also allows for neat tricks such as being able to change your app icons each day or being able to record battery levels over time and save those to a file on an SD card. Simply put, Tasker is pretty much only limited by your imagination.


As far as what to expect from this beta release, this brings an updated user interface as well as quite a few bug fixes. Otherwise, no word on when this beta release will land in the Google Play Store, however those new to the app will either need to use the 7 day trial or be prepared to purchase the app. And for those who are curious, Tasker is currently selling for $6.49.

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