Tasker 5.9.beta.8

Tasker has been around for over five years now. It’s been getting regular and huge updates that include new features and bug fixes. The last one we featured was in August when the app was updated to allow chat heads for any messaging app. That was after Tasker 5.8 and another update that brought WaveNet Voices and Keyboard Action, long press volume button, quick remapping of Bixby, and automation for most users. For a time, Tasker became ineligible for some permissions after Play Store update but that was fixed soon.

The latest update is said to be a game-changer. Tasker 5.9.beta.8 is still not available for all Android users but you can try signing-up HERE first. The APK is now available HERE.

This particular update brings the “Logcat Entry” Event. This means Tasker can react to Logcat on your phone. This means you can see the logs of all apps in your Android device. This one is important because you can finally see what’s been happening in the mobile apps so you can figure what more can be done.

Redditor u/joaomgcd was able to do several things like augment Pixel 4’s motion gestures, do stuff for each finger when unlocking the device, react to snoozing an alarm, do other stuff when device is unlocked, react to the Back button held for a second in any app, react to software keyboard being shown/hidden, and do different actions on Samsung devices.

The developer noted a lot of stuff can be done with the updated Tasker. The changelog is a bit long but a number of things have been added: “Logcat Entry”, “Shortcut”, “ShortcutDialog() function”, “Get Location v2”, ability to long click a variable, %http_file_output variable, and ability to specify a directory as the output. A number of settings have changed while numerous bugs have been fixed.