It was only in April when Tasker 5.7 was released. We see to it that we take note of important updates. The newest Tasker 5.8 is here with several enhancements for Bluetooth, apps, music, backup, and apps among others. Regular users of Tasker will find there are many things to try. Visit the Google Play Store to download the updated Tasker and see for yourself. If you can’t wait for it, feel free to download the APK provided by the developer below.

Once you download the APK or update the app, you will notice significant improvements like third-party app integration. New features include Variables in App Related Actions, App Info action, and App Changed event. Use these three (3) features together so you can do the following: extract an app’s APK, create a recent app switcher, kill current app, switch to last opened app, get all activities for an app, keep track of app usage, and create a chart with most-used apps.

Bluetooth connection now comes with a Bluetooth Connection event, Bluetooth Connection action, and Bluetooth Info action. Feel free to create a project with notifications on your Google Home. HTTP Request action and HTTP Auth action have been added to allow any HTTP request and authenticate on web service via Username/Password or OAuth 2.0.

With such actions, you can now get lyrics for the currently playing song, transcribe Whatsapp voice notes, transcribe your voice, toggle Spotify shuffle, and add a row to a Google Spreadsheet. When it comes to audio, an event can be triggered whenever the music track changes. It will show data about the track.

The new Input Dialog action can configure and get information. Full Backup means you can come up with a backup file. For more information, vill full changelog of the Tasker 5.8 HERE. Expect numerous bug fixes as well like that Run Shell action being stuck if the output was too large, permissions to multiple SD card, and deleting a folder on an SD Card not working id folder was empty.