Tasker developer has shared some good news over on Reddit that the WaveNet and App Factory has been fixed already. The app has received several updates the past five years and it is now on Tasker 5.7.0-beta.2. App is still in beta but it’s a big improvement from the last time when the app became ineligible for some permissions after the Google Play Store update. This time, a new Say WaveNet action was added to allow Google Text To Speech API. This means WaveNet voices can be used to synthesize text in different content.

The goal of Tasker with WaveNet is a more natural speech. The App Factory is also now fixed. The app developer was able to work around those previous technical issues and limitations.

Aside from the new Say WaveNet action and fixed app factory apps for icons, NFC, device admin, and accessibility, you will notice Tasker will keep App conditions working even when using Authentication Dialog.

Some memory leaking issues, bug counting active profiles, and crashes have been fixed as well. Make sure you don’t ask plugins to start Tasker service in the foreground. This will minimize crashes.

Check the demo videos below:

VIA: Reddit


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