Tasker has been around since 2013 and we have witnessed dozens of updates and improvements. The last one we featured was the 5.2 version as Joao attempted to fill in some very big shoes. It also started working with Amazon Echo via the AutoVoice plugin for smart home features. The new Tasker version, Tasker 5.5 delivers automation for everyone so it should be exciting, at least, for those really using the app. If you want to run a task on your device, you may look into the Tasker to automate those important and regular things you do.

Tasker is more like a hub for others apps. You can use Tasker to manage and control other apps. Tasker projects can be prepared by you but there are pre-made ones already. Some of the tasks it can do include automatic file uploading to Google Drive. The links then can be quickly shared with your colleagues or family if needed.

Feel free to use Tasker for automatic and manual backup. This way, you have copies of your important files or just about any data you want to keep.

Custom Setting has been added to Tasker in this big update. Check the conditions you can set in the Custom Settings.

Some other tasks you can do on Tasker include set screen brightness lower, turn down the media volume when Do Not Disturb is enabled, enable dark theme when night light is enabled, update widgets on the home screen with setting values, or even combine with other conditions. New actions are ready for Google Drive Upload, Display Size, NCF, Ask Permissions, Ping, Data Backup, Status Bar Icons, and Force Rotation.

VIA: Joaoapps.com