There are a lot of productivity and to-do list apps out there that should help even the most disorganized person put a semblance of order in their lives. One of the newest ones available now for your Android smartphone, tablet, and also on your computer is called Taskade. Aside from the usual things that a to-do list app can do, it’s also offering itself up as a collaborative tool in case you need with other teammates on a project or event.

You can use the app for your checklists, outlines, notes, and if you do digital bullet journaling, you can also use this as it is bullet friendly. If you need other people to also add their lists to yours so you can keep track of everyone that needs to be involved in your projects, it’s easy to just share your lists and add people that you want to collaborate with. When you add people to your group, they just need to install the app as well and sign in using Twitter, Google, or Facebook. Everyone in the group can see the same things, and edit and add new items.

You can also just share your task list through a link, if you just want someone to view it. Working on a list on your own is still pretty intuitive but feature-filled, as you can work on them like you would in a word document, have bulleted, numbered, or checkbocked lists, infinitely nested lists. You can also use hashtags and @ mentions in your list so you can filter through them easily.

The best thing of course is that Taskade is absolutely free. They’ll come up with a pro version later on with more features but for now, enjoy everything for free. Download the app from the Google Play Store.


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