It looks like we once again have a publicly available Tapatalk beta to play with. This latest is available by way of the Google Play Store and has arrived as Tapatalk 4. We suspect the Tapatalk name will be familiar for many, however for those who may not be as familiar — this is the app you will want if you find yourself browsing community forums from your smartphone or tablet.

In addition to this Tapatalk 4 beta, the developer also has the non-beta release of Tapatalk for smartphones and Tapatalk HD for tablets. Which brings us to the first point with this beta. Tapatalk 4 will eventually be merged with Tapatalk HD. There isn’t any timeline as to when this will happen, but we suspect that may vary depending on how well the beta test period goes.

Tapatalk 4 is currently sitting at version 4.0.6 and it has support for Android devices running 4.0 or later. The Tapatalk 4 beta is available for free, however those just beginning to play will likely want to know the final releases do come with a price. The current release of Tapatalk for smartphones is $2.99 with the HD version for tablets coming in at $4.99.

Perhaps more important for today — the new features that are included in the Tapatalk 4 beta. Current users will find an updated user interface as well a sidebar navigation setup that makes it fairly easy to get where you need to be. There is also the Tapatalk ID which will make things a bit easier for those visiting multiple forums on multiple devices.

Other goodies include improvements for the notifications, an updated set of widgets and an improved image experience. With that last one, Tapatalk 4 now includes an integrated image editor. The image editing is on the basic side, but it is more than enough for those looking to crop as well as handle some basic edits such as rotating. The editor also allows you to add filters and drawings on top of your pics. With that, those looking to check out the beta can head to the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Google Play Store