In the flurry of the launch of Google’s new Pixel phones and with everyone and their mom interested in virtual reality, sometimes we forget that Google has other neat technologies to offer. One of them is the Tango project, now exemplified by the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro smartphone which will launch next month. In line with that, Google has released the Tango app – a hub for special content concerning the Tango technology.

In case you’ve forgotten what Tango is, you can click on the link here (Tango) which should lead you to our Tango news archives. The TL;DR version is this – Tango technology relies on a specialized camera array on a device that allows it to do 3D mapping of the environment, and so it can create useful augmented reality apps and content using said technology.


The Tango app – only usable by Tango-enabled devices – will house apps and content specifically for Tango tech (duh). The official images hint to some interesting stuff indeed – experiencing an alien planet in 3D, virtual works of art in your living room, and things of that sort.


The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is around a month away, so we should see more content come into the app when the phone launches. Hopefully, developers will get enticed to create more apps and content for Tango.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store