Now if you are a fan of the Greasemonkey Firefox extension or Tampermonkey’s Chrome version, you’re probably thinking “awesome!”, while the rest of us are thinking “what’s augmented browsing?” Apps like Tampermonkey allow you to utilize scripts to make changes to websites as you browse. This is very open ended, but to give you a better idea, of what this means, some of the popular uses for such apps are removing ads, auto-filling forms, or transposing info from another site, onto the one you’re viewing.

Obviously this is a very powerful tool, but it needs scripts to do anything. Luckily, this app is compatible with Greasemonkey scripts as well as Chrome Tampermonkey scripts, meaning it should be able to use any pre-existing script you can dig up on the internet. The downside here is that they may not run perfectly.

The developer of the app states that it is still in beta, and that since phones are not as powerful as the computers that use the Chrome app it’s adapted from, it may be a bit sluggish for now. Given its limitations, Tampermonkey doesn’t appear to be quite ready for the big time yet. If you’re familiar with Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey and want to test out scripts to lend a hand to its development head over to the XDA thread and jump on in. For the rest of us, given the beta status and the current lack on instructions, waiting may be the wiser choice. The app shows great promise though and could shape up to be an awesome tool as it progresses to it’s final stage.

[via XDA]