This week has been full of nostalgia. First with Pokemon blasting onto the Android scene, and now we have Tamagotchi. Yup, the little virtual pet keychains that were ridiculously popular in the 90s are back to grace our Android smartphones and tablets. To celebrate 16 years in business the Tamagotchi is now available for Android, and your pet will even be in color this time.

While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Tamagotchi back in the day, they sure were popular. Feeding and taking care of your little virtual pet without the hassle of cleaning up after a real animal. The idea was pretty genius. Brought to us by NAMCO Bandai is the all new and completely free Tamagotchi LIFE pet for Android. Who’s interested?

Instead of completely changing the simplistic fun of the Tamagotchi, they’ve kept the app basically the same as the original only with a few added differences. You can now have different colors, the resolution is a bit higher for our smartphones although your pet will still be 8-bit, and you can change the wallpaper and Tamagotchi shell too.


All the original Tamagotchi and collection sets are available in app, they have featured and signature wallpapers, and hey, you can even share your pet to Facebook. We knew that was coming. In 1998 sharing to Facebook meant I had to walk down the street and knock on a friends door to show him my Tamagotchi pet. If you’d like to relive the past, or share this past-time with your kids head to the link below and get the free app today.

[via Play Store]