Just a few months ago, popular Twitter client Talon had a major update, with a new UI tweak, support for multiple languages and allowing multiple image uploads. Just four months later, version 2.6.2 now brings even more changes that just might convince Twitter users to abandon the native client and switch on over to a client like Talon, since you can do so much more here than when using the native app.

Have you ever replied to someone on Twitter, but somehow in the middle of composing your message, you suddenly forgot what was originally said. Well your option before was to close the window and look at the original tweet and start over again, but Talon now makes it easier by letting you view the one you’re replying to while you’re in the compose window. The update also brings better notifications for mentions, direct messages, and favorites, as well as allowing GIF images to be posted.

In terms of the look and design, the update brings two add-on themes: Talon-L Light and Talon-L Dark. You can download the apk and then install it on your smartphone, then open Talon and choose it from the themes section. The fonts of the app have also been updated and the developer even added an Android “L” Roboto font. The looks of the compose window and several icons have also been changed with this latest update.

You can download the updated Talon for Twitter from the Google Play Store, if you haven’t yet. You just have to shell out $1.99 to be able to enjoy all these features.