Lady Tallowmere is one brave hero that will be the main character of this platformer set in violent dungeons. It’s a 2D indie action game that challenges the player to go through each room where enemies, bosses, elites, and treasure chests can be found.

To command the hero, just use the controls you see on the screen. You can also connect a special controller to play if you don’t want to keep on tapping or swiping on the screen. There are several ways to finish the game. If you want to block enemy attacks, just raise you shield. Strike your foes by lowering your shield at the right time. To reduce damage, use your shield or jump to avoid traps.

You need to progress and advance to the next room and to do that, you gotta find the key as you go on your way to collect different outfits, headgeat, weapons and shields. All these and more will help you finish this epic journey and adventure. You can increase your base stats by doing one complicated thing: turn in souls from slain enemies. Or you can also search for power with 7 tiers of item rarities from Basic to Otherworldly.

What else can you use to rule and escape the dungeon? Some heftyy clubs, axes, teleporting katanas, ice wands, bouncing grenades, rocket launchers, embroiling flamethrowers, and teleporting katanas. You need to show off your infinite jumping skills, learn tactical shield blocking, and search for potions that will keep you alive.

Should you decide to use a controller, note that only the following controllers are supported: NVIDIA Shield, Green Throttle Atlas, PlayStation 4 controller, Xbox 360 controller, generic Android controllers, SteelSeries Stratus XL, and a Samsung GP20.

Download Tallowmere from the Google Play Store