I never thought that Angry Birds could look so delicious. As many of you know, I happen to love to play the game and also love any type of Angry Birds merchandise such as the Angry Birds plush toys that were available for purchase.

This cake was created by Anya Richardson who could be the next cake genius if she could create a cake like this one.

“Had someone ask how much $ to order the Angry Birds cake. It’d take a miracle for me to ever attempt to make that one again. lol”.

I fully understand where this creator is coming from; its a pretty detailed cake and very hard to recreate I’m sure. Not only is this cake a fine piece of artwork, but it also looks ridiculously delicious. This is definitely one level that I’m sure no one will have a hard time conquering.

Via [pocket lint]


  1. Hi,

    I am looking for a smilar cake but with Timmy Time characters for my sons first birthday and has to be shipped to India. Any chance of making something like that and also the prices if possible please.




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