So if you can’t call your game “Kung-Fu Panda” because obviously that name is already taken, but you want to still make an action game with a kick-butt panda as the lead character, well, by all means call it “Taichi Panda”. Wait, game developer Snail Games just did that. Oh well, then let’s see how the game pans out.


In the game’s defense, what you get from Taichi Panda is a visually rich action RPG – the graphics of the game seem spot on. The game has an MMORPG feel to it, as there is a central town hub where you can see other players in the game. You can even see them when dungeon crawling or doing your quests.

The gameplay is standard RPG fare though, hacking and slashing your way up the level ladders to improve your character’s stats and skills. Players can choose from three different classes – those include Warrior, Rogue, and of course, your cute-but-dangerous Master of Shadow Fist Panda.


The game is now available via the Google Play Store (see the download link below) – and it seems to be available for everybody. Do check compatibility with your device, as the graphics might prove too much for lower-end and older phones. Free to play, with IAPs – tell us about it if you do check it out.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store