Card-based mobile games have grown in popularity these days, so much so that even a top gaming outfit like Blizzard has made its own. There are a lot of card-based Android games out there, but the ones that are compelling are fewer. Maybe this new game – Tactics: Conqueror’s War – will catch your fancy.

Tactics: Conqueror’s War (TCW) is a card game at its core, and most of you who play card-based games will know what that means – build up your deck, because usually, the one with the most effective, varied and powerful deck wins. In TCW, you build your deck with character cards, using a fusion process (mix a card with another card), and dungeon crawling.


There are a few twists to the basic mechanic though. The gameplay is more like a “capture the flag” game – there are points on a map that you need to conquer. Also, your deck will need support and resources – this comes by building your own town, and therein buildings which produce resources so that your deck can function in its conquering tasks.


Sounds interesting, yes? There is also a guild feature, where you can team up with other players. The game is available as a free download via the Google Play Store (see link below), with in-app purchases. Try it out and tell us all about it.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store