T-Mobile G2 has been given temporary root access relief. The relief is a VISIONary app (named after HTC’s Vision/G2). VISIONary was created by a member on MoDaCo, which creates temporary root access on the G2 at the touch of a button. This is a huge help for G2 users, considering the device’s root access was lost every time the handset restarted.

To gain access to the temporary root, all you need to do is install and open the VISIONary app. This is only a temporary fix, and when the device is turned off, all root access is lost. However, not all hope is lost. A second version of VISIONary has been tweaked that allows the app to run automatically on reboot. So be sure to download the latest VISIONary app, or you will possibly run into root access problems over and over again. So congratulations to developers out there trying to find more permanent root solutions for G2 users. One step in the right direction is still a step closer to finding a solution.

[via HTCsource]


  1. I can’t download the visionary app,my anti-virus says there is a trogan attached to link…HELP!! any other links available?


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