If you’re a diehard T-Mobile fan, you might be aware of their recent Twitter game. We are now on the third clue on which device they might unveil real soon. So far, all the evidence has lead Tmonews (and us) to believe that the mystery device in question is non other than the Samsung Galaxy S.

Just in case you haven’t been following the game, the clues are:

1. What does T-Mobile and the best selling PC game of all time have in common?
2. It’s super slim and full of muscle.
3. Never miss your favorite TV shows or the score of the big game.

You figure it out yet? The guys over a Tmonews think the device is Galaxy S and it will release on July 21st. they also suspect that their version of the Galaxy S will come preloaded with Sims 3 and the movie Avatar. According to a tipster, T-Mobile’s version will be called the “Vibrant”. It will have the same 1GHZ processor made by Samsung, HD camcorder, Amazon Kindle, GoGo in flight Internet, a 5MP camera (hopefully with flash added) and will be 10mm thick. Either way, this may be the powerhouse Android device T-Mobile customers have been waiting on. Are you excited yet?