Most of the time, commercials are very direct in advertising a product. And sometimes the product is omitted entirely and … well, they’re just down right strange. That’s the case with T-Mobile’s Royal Wedding video which not only has gone viral, but has probably gotten as many views as it would on television. And it’s just in time to ride the wave of the Royally obsessed.

The whole concept of the ad is a celebration of the Royal Wedding of Prince William of Wales to Lady Kathryn Middleton in Great Britain. But instead of the stately pomp and circumstance we would expect from a Royal Wedding, there’s a procession of dancing that is more akin to the television show GLEE. And what really sells it is the lookalikes producers cast of the British Royal Family as they strut down the center isle. And the ones they cast as Charles, Camilla, and the Princes are dead ringers.

The whole tag line is “Life is for sharing,” and no doubt is focusing on the mobile ability to share what happens in our life on social networks using mobile phones. But nowhere do you see one. And face it, nowhere do you see that British Royal Stiff upper lip. Just sheer celebration. It’s strange, it’s kitchy, but hey, it’s also fun. And if the wedding at Westminster Abbey were like this dancing celebration, it’d certainly be a moment worth sharing!