If you travel frequently to other North American countries for business, chances are you always get a jolt when you receive your mobile phone bill because of the huge charges for roaming, even though the countries you visit are just next to the US. T-Mobile is offering you a solution to that problem by bringing you “Mobile Without Borders”, a program that brings you Simple Choice coverage across the U.S, Mexico, and Canada. The best thing about it? There’s no extra charge for consumers, so say goodbye to heart-attack inducing roaming charges.

In keeping with their CEO’s abrasive image, this new program tries to hit their competitors’ seemingly similar offerings, but notes that theirs is different and better. This time around, they’re targeting AT&T’s “seamless” that would cover the US and Mexico, but not Canada. Verizon’s “insane” roaming rates are also being targeted as well.

But with the un-carrier’s Simple Choice plans, they say that calls to, from, and between the three North American countries will be charged the same as when you’re making calls within the US. The same goes for 4G LTE data charges and SMS as well. If it seems too good to be true, let’s wait for it to take effect and see if there are really no extra charges.

This program will take effect starting July 15 and covers both prepaid and postpaid Simple Choice customers. All you have to do is opt-in to the program, at no extra charge, through phone, in-store, online. If you don’t have the newest plans yet, you can also switch to them for free. New subscribers will automatically have Mexico and Canada included in their plans.

SOURCE: T-Mobile


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