T-Mobile announced their Q4 2013 earnings this week, and their upward trajectory continues. The Uncarrier announced they grew their customer base by 1.6 million, with a healthy split between prepaid and postpaid consumers. That alone proved a stark contrast to Q4 2012, where they lost just over half a million customers.

 The 1.6 million customer bump in Q4 2013 landed T-Mobile at 46.7 million customers overall to end 2013. They added about 10% of that total last year alone, proving their Uncarrier approach is attractive, if not successful. T-Mobile also says they have 3.5 million MetroPCS users on their network. Of the additions in Q4 2013, 869,000 were postpaid, while a respectable 112,000 were prepaid customers.

T-Mobile’s total revenue from Q4 2013 was $6.8 billion, a 2% increase from the previous quarter. Little magenta sold 6.2 million smartphones in the quarter, and says 69% of their customers are on Value or Simple choice plans. That’s an 8% increase from the previous quarter.

T-Mobile’s new 20+20 LTE coverage, currently limited to Dallas, is expected to reach over 250 million people this year as they continue to roll it out to new markets. T-Mobile also says they’re about 25% finished integrating the MetroPCS network into their own. After a disappointing 2012, T-Mobile had a pretty stellar 2013. We’ll see if they can keep the positive energy flowing into 2014, as we expect to see better coverage and more Uncarrier solutions.