Following nearly all carriers, started by AT&T, T-Mobile has lowered their data cap from 10GB to 5GB. In an effort to make their network as perform at it’s best this new cap will limit heavy users and hopefully clear up some traffic for casual users, making it a more speedy experience.

Now T-Mobile states that this will only affect about 1% of it’s current user base. One-perfect seems low, but for those in the 1% this is a big deal. Starting October 16th, once you hit the 5GB cap you will be notified via free SMS and your data speeds will be reduced. Once your billing month is over, your data speeds will go back to normal unless you hit the cap again.

This is a quite different approach to data overages, AT&T who has a current cap of 2GB will charge you, in 1GB increments after you have reached the cap.

If you would like to check your current data usage, check out

[Via TmoNews]


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