T-Mobile has announced a new feature for connected devices today, but it’s not Uncarrier in name. Rather than re-imagine subsidies or contracts, T-Mobile is taking a swipe at connected devices outside of smartphones. By introducing their eSIM, T-Mobile hopes to have a home in your car or other ‘Internet of Things’ device, roving international data charges along the way.

The eSIM scheme here works a lot like their other offerings. With something like a connected car, those who travel into Canada are likely to incur data charges for being outside their home network. Even with simple things like navigation or location services, the charges can mount. According to T-Mobile, we’re on the hook for up to $200/month while slipping over the Canadian border.

T-Mobile is taking on machine-to-machine (M2M) devices with this new initiative. Drew Kelton, Executive Vice President of T-Mobile Business Markets said “With eSIM, we’re showing how we’re different than our competitors. We’re bringing Un-carrier to the M2M space by doing what T-Mobile always does: putting our focus on the customer first through simplicity, transparency and cost.” Though a connected vehicle is the more plain example of this working, it’s not the only one.

As devices continue to roll out with independent connectivity features, the eSIM will find more use cases. Though T-Mobile says it’s only on offer for “businesses in the connected device market to integrate into their M2M solutions”, we expect it to be a consumer solution at some point soon. Only available for Canadian travel, T-Mobile says they will continue to announce new countries the eSIM will work in throughout the year.

VIA: tmonews