T-Mobile WFX Launch

T-Mobile just announced the T-Mobile Magenta MAX plan. It promises no throttling ever for mobile consumers. The Un-Carrier hasn’t stopped working on improvements and new services and the latest that will probably rock your world is this: WFX Solutions. T-Mobile WFX is meant for millions of people working from home. You see, the pandemic isn’t over. With new variants of the virus being identified, people are encouraged to stay home more. Businesses, schools, and offices are now going online in most parts of the world. And now, we don’t think things are changing for the better–at least, not yet.

Working from home used to be a dream but after almost a year of being in lockdown, it can be stressful at times. One main reason is that Internet can be intermittent especially if there are many people using one connection. T-Mobile wants to tackle the problem by introducing WFX.

The idea of T-Mobile TWX is to offer a 5G WiFi router together with new plans the whole family can take advantage of. It includes three working-from-home products those in the US can use. This brings unlimited 5G plans, different voice and messaging services, and new home office internet plans.

T-Mobile aims to deliver enough bandwidth for everyone using his home internet connection. There’s also the idea that everyone in the staff working remotely is prioritized. For one, T-Mobile Home Office Internet is offered with a dedicated 4G/5G router. With a dedicated router, one can be assured of better security and traffic management.

T-Mobile WFX Solutions

T-Mobile is offering the WFX router that looks like a simple silver cylinder. The idea is that this router will be configured by T-Mobile and a company and then sent to the employees. It offers enterprise-grade protection for data. The router is said to prioritize traffic to devices of the employees. Over 60 million households in the United States can benefit from this with a monthly fee of $90 per line.

T-Mobile WFX also adds Enterprise Unlimited plans that are ready starting today. They include unlimited data, voice, and messaging, as well as, 10GB of high-speed tethered data. After 10GB, 3G speed for tethering can still be enjoyed until the month is over. Get at least 11 plans for the employees at $37 per month.

T-Mobile WFX includes T-Mobile Home Office Internet and T-Mobile Collaborate. These two will be ready by March 22. T-Mobile Collaborate is mainly a system to contact multiple remote workers, taking advantage of an AI assistant and Microsoft 365. The system is powered by T-Mobile Ventures and Dialpad.

T-Mobile Home Office Internet can be enabled on T-Mobile Collaborate. Employees can be provided a separate business phone number so work calls. They can be used for messaging and voice calls on any device or platform.


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