We’re still a couple of days away from that “holiday” that you either love or hate – April Fool’s. And of course we expect brands and publishers to be all out when it comes to pranking their customers and readers. T-Mobile seems to always want to be ahead of everyone else even when it comes to this as they announced the comeback of the Sidekick Smartshoephone. Anyone reading the press release would of course know that a pair of sneakers that will also double as a smart device is the stuff of prank news.

Even CEO John Legere got in on the joke as always, as he of course took a potshot at their competitors, saying T-Mobile “will always be a step ahead” (pun intended) of them as they are too busy looking for ways to “gouge” their customers. And so they have decided to bring back the Sidekicks, which will supposedly not only look cool on your feet, but it also runs on the “fastest LTE network ever” and even comes with unlimited data on T-Mobile One.

They went so far as to enumerate all the features that comes with the “vintage” smartshoephone. This includes a slide-out screen, toe tapping with new contacts to add their information, and your shoes lighting up when you receive a phone call. They also have new features for the next generation like making your shoes your speakers, retractable smart laces, your very own voice personal assistant (which is apparently John Legere) that you can activate with “Hey Sidekicks”, and even a fitness tracker.

You can even pre-order the Sidekicks on BeMagenta.com and it lists the price at $65. But of course, it will just come as regular sneakers since all the high-tech features are part of their April Fool’s joke. Maybe someday something like this will be possible, but today is not that day.

SOURCE: T-Mobile