It looks like things are starting to heat up with the T-Mobile and AT&T merger we have all been hearing so much about. Even the FCC was looking for users opinions and thoughts. Right now there is currently a senate hearing going on regarding all aspects of the AT&T / T-Mobile merger and it is streaming live. AT&T even said that T-Mobile is not a competitor, they only see Verizon as one.

You can watch it live right this moment if you are into this sort of thing, or would like to get into all of the details. Feel free to click here for the live broadcast. Things are heating up like we mentioned, at first AT&T reps would not answer the senate regarding the up front question of, “Is T-Mobile a competitor”. Seems like a straight shot question but AT&T worked around it for a while and then finally said this:

9:02 am Stephenson: They’re not our competitive focus. We’re focused on Verizon, they lost customers. They’re not our competitive focus.

we are seeing Senate comments like this also:

Klobuchar: If this merger is approved, not only would AT&T have 44 percent of all US wireless subscribers, but it could demand exclusives from any manufacturer.

Tough questions indeed. Things should start to get interesting as the day and the hearing continues, for now feel free to watch it live, and feel free to comment or share any thoughts here you may have.

Live Senate Webcast Link

[via thisismynext]