T-Mobile is at it again and are gearing up for the holiday although this time it isn’t a Christmas sale. Instead they want you to stay close to the ones you love this Valentine’s Day and to help you do so they’re offering all 4G smartphones completely free. The catch here is the sale’s for one day only — so you better hurry.

A few days before V-Day on February 11th T-Mobile will be offering all 4G smartphones and their best selling Android tablets completely for free. Obviously there is a small catch or two here and you’ll be required to sign a new 2-year contract agreement, but that was to be expected.

Nothing says “I love you” like a 4G smartphone from T-Mobile

The quote above is their official term for the holiday season and they’ve even released a little video with some humor and a cupid for the all new 2012 Valentine’s Day sale kicking off on the 11th. There is however one more catch that is worth noting. The devices aren’t actually free out of the gate, you’ll have to pay the $199 or whatever price up front and wait for a mail in rebate. So while this deal wont save you money this week that you can use on chocolate or flowers — it will save you in the long run once that mail in rebate returns.

Who will be getting struck by cupid this year and getting their loved one a new 4G phone from T-Mobile?


[via TmoNews]