Welcome back to NYC! Our man in the field Vincent Nguyen has his hands on a whole batch of myTouch 4G phones at the New York launch event and we’ve just gotta show you all about em. Plastic and metal and Snapdragon, oh my! It’s 3.8 inches of 4G smartphone loveliness in 4 pretty colors.

It’s solid, study, and very responsive because of the magical 1GHz MSM8255 processor. It’s lacking in the UI department, at least compared to the HTC Sense, but it does run Android 2.2 Froyo. Bright, clear, and positioned as a strong PMP alternative with an 8GB microSD card preloaded. Five megapixel camera on the back, cam on the front with OK frame rate. Final conclusion: “another strong Android smartphone from HTC and another solid addition to T-Mobile USA’s line-up.” Check out the full post on SlashGear.

[Via SlashGear]