It looks like today we have some good news coming out of Team Magenta, the guys from T-Mobile are updating the prepaid plans they currently have. We first mentioned these back in April and T-Mobile took some heat from just about every blog and across twitter over the data caps they had included. If you went over 2GB of data usage (like facebook and emails) your speeds get throttled. Basically it wasn’t “umlimited” and after a certain amount they shut you down.

Starting May 22nd users will be able to access the new plans that T-Mobile have came up with. The current $70 unlimited plan which offers unlimited talk, text and 2GB of data will be extended to allow unlimited data, we still aren’t sure if it will truly be “unlimited” or they are just raising the cap to something more reasonable like 5GB. We will see in the coming weeks. Then the prepaid $50 plan that offers unlimited everything but just 100mb of data will be updated to throttle your data speeds once you reach the 100mb limit, rather than making you pay for more.

Nothing to huge here, but the fact that they noticed so many people complaining about the small 2GB limit on what was supposed to be an “unlimited everything” plan, and were so fast to change it is a good sign if you ask me. Plus these are prepaid plans so who are we to complain right, TmoNews was right about that. For now we will have to wait til these plans take effect May 22nd to see if there will still be some sort of data cap, I imagine there will be one of some sort, but we shall see.

[via TmoNews]