T-Mobile recently unveiled something called the Underground. Essentially, this will be a new storefront available from the carrier. But more than a place to simply grab any old handset — the Underground brings the promise of grabbing something different, something not quite as easy to get.

The carrier has invited users to “go behind the magenta rope with Underground” and is promising to deliver limited-stock devices and accessories. T-Mobile has said the Underground is the place for those who do not want what everyone else has — a place for the “true enthusiasts.”

While this all sounds fairly exciting and like a place where you can grab something truly unique — the initial launch doesn’t appear to be offering that just yet. The T-Mobile Underground page appears to be a simple portal to the regular T-Mobile website. Those visiting the Underground will see the “limited availability” Gold Galaxy S5. A click of the ‘shop now’ button takes you back to the regular website for a purchase.

Otherwise, the only other items currently seen on the Underground page are some accessories that are connected to the Galaxy S5. The accessory options include the Gear 2 (in Gold) Gear Fit and Jawbone UP24. Those also all take you back to the regular T-Mobile website if you are looking to make a purchase.

T-Mobile has yet to say if, or when other devices will appear on the Underground storefront, however it does seem interesting enough to keep an eye on. Maybe we’ll learn a bit more come June 18, when T-Mobile is having the next Uncarrier event.

SOURCE: +T-Mobile, T-Mobile