T-Mobile has announced the latest in the Uncarrier series of events. This next one will be highlighting Uncarrier 5.0 and it will take place in Los Angeles, California on June 18th. There hasn’t been much in the way of hints, however T-Mobile did make it clear they “don’t play it safe and sound.”

Of course, not playing it safe and sound could have been fitting for most (if not all) of the previous Uncarrier events. Time will tell what the carrier has planned this time around. Looking back to January, the Uncarrier 4.0 tackled early termination fees (ETF).


This was when T-Mobile first announced they would pay any ETF that you may get charged as a result of switching. The process seemed simple enough, though we would suggest reading all the fine print before making any sudden moves. Having said that, T-Mobile mentioned they would give users up to $650 to switch.

That $650 would come as a mix of up to $350 for any ETF and up to $300 for a device trade-in. Otherwise, some of the earlier Uncarrier moves included free data for your tablets, free international roaming and the ending of overage charges. So, any guesses as to what T-Mobile has planned for Uncarrier 5.0?


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